Jewel Creek Confectionery

We are currently moving and starting a journey. For now Jewel Creek Confectionary is not taking orders. Thank you so much for being patient during this exciting change in our lives!

We are a bakery that specializes in quality scratch made cakes and treats. We are equipped to provide custom confections for any event to make it truly memorable.




Cakes made to order for events from anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, work parties, and more.

Flavors can be elegant vanilla, bright fresh fruit flavors, decadent chocolate, to a mixture of something in between.

Options to add fresh flowers and fresh fruit depending on season.


How to delight 101:

Cupcakes are a fantastic way to boost your event. Add cupcakes to your cake order to delight your guests. Everyone loves cupcakes.

Other Confections

Other creations we can create…

We can create mini cakes, cake pops, macaroons, cookies, cake parfaits, rice treat bars, and pies.

Contact us!

Let’s plan together! Allow me to make your ideas come to life.

Meet the baker


Cat Frost is an Army veteran, a wife, mother, and baker. She grew up on a rural dairy farm on the Oregon coast and on that tiny farm, a small stream named “Jewel Creek” ran through the property. This stream was the center of Cat’s childhood with countless hours spent building creativity, freedom, joy and care-free moments. All of which are what Cat’s baked goods embody. Jewel Creek Confectionery also strives to reveal the taste of high quality ingredients, decadent, mouth-watering fillings, paired with supple sweet cake, will be sure to make a lasting impression for your event!


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